Why Lease?

Leasing has great advantages over financing. But leasing is not for everyone. Here's a few reason why you would want to lease:
-Get a new car every few years, to keep updated on the newest technology and safety.
-Less cash upfront to get to your desired payment.
-Guaranteed future value.
-Perfect plan for business owners and tax advantages.
-Always have a vehicle that is under warranty.
-You get to drive the car during the best part of it's life.
-You drive an average number of miles a year.

But like mentioned before, leasing isn't for everyone. Financing is better for the following reasons:
-You keep your vehicle for longer than 5 years at a time.
-Take pride in ownership.
-No mileage restrictions.
-Trade-In value builds equity over time
-Opportunity to be payment free after loan term.
-Competitive rates and terms.
-Make your own changes to the vehicle without penalty.
Still not sure if leasing or financing is the better option? Here's a few simple questions to ask yourself:

-How often do I want a new car? If you like getting a new car every 3 or 4 years, then leasing is for you. But if you keep your vehicle 5+, financing is the better option.

-How much do I drive? 8,000 to 20,000 miles a year average means leasing is a good option for you. The average in this area is 12,000 to 15,000. But if you do a lot of traveling, financing will be the better option.

-Will it be a company vehicle? If so, lease it.

-Am I worried about resale value? Leasing guarantees your value at the end of your term. Financing can lead to different values based on the treatment of the vehicle.


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