When Do You Need To Swap Your Tires For The Season?

It is that time of year again! Time to have your winter tires put on to ensure safe and reliable performance once the snow starts falling.

Having a good grip on the road this winter is vital and here at Gallatin Subaru, we want to ensure our customers are ready for winter. So we have a answered a few common questions about winter tire service.

  • When do I need to put my snow tires on?: Winter tires will deliver a slightly different driving experience than your summer tires. We suggest that our customers put their snow tires on soon to adjust to how their Subaru will handle with new tires on before the snow starts falling.
  • Do I need winter tires?: Yes, winter tires are a must in Bozeman, MT. Winter tires have deep treads for maximum traction in the snow and are made from more flexible rubber to better adjust to cold temperatures. You can also use all-season tires during the winter and feel confident that your Subaru will get you homes safely.
  • What are all-season tires?: All-season tires are exactly what they sound like, tires that can be used all year round. This is an appealing option for some drivers who don't do a lot of driving and then don't have to worry about seasonal tire changes.
  • Why should I have two sets of tires?: While buying two sets of tires does not sound fun or cheap there are several benefits. First, you will have the ideal tire for the different seasons and conditions. Second, you will also extend the life of each set of tires by only using them for a portion of the year.

For more information on seasonal tire changes give our service center a call today. If you need new winter tires to make it safely through the winter our parts team is here to help you find the size and style your Subaru needs.

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